Osaka Gas and TES join forces on green hydrogen and e-methane


United Kingdom – Through its subsidiary Osaka Gas UK (OGUK), Osaka Gas has formed an alliance with European powerhouse Tree Energy Solutions (TES), a leader in the generation of green hydrogen and e-methane.

Together with TES, Osaka Gas is working to persuade governments all around the world to realize the benefits and value of e-methane on a global scale. Their goal is to collaborate with governments to develop global norms and frameworks that will enable the mainstream commercialization of e-methane.

The full e-methane supply chain, from manufacturing and transportation to use and offtake, is covered in-depth in these studies. In order to increase e-methane’s potential as a clean energy source, Osaka Gas and TES plan to investigate cutting-edge techniques and technologies together. This entails tackling issues with e-methane production, effective shipping, smooth utilization, and dependable offtake.

E-methane for carbon neutrality

Electro-methane, commonly referred to as e-methane, is a viable approach to achieving carbon neutrality. It is created using a procedure that blends carbon dioxide (CO2) or carbon capture and utilization (CCU) technology with renewable forms of electricity. This not only lowers greenhouse gas emissions but also offers a flexible energy source that can be employed in a variety of industries, such as transportation and manufacturing.