Making green hydrogen more affordable

Italy: Making green hydrogen more affordable


Italy To facilitate rapid, simple and environmentally friendly hydrogen production, Axpo and ABB have teamed up in Italy to develop modular green hydrogen production plants.

The two firms will use their complementary skills to realize their shared vision of more affordable green hydrogen, with ABB leveraging its automation, electrification, and digital expertise in industrial operations and Axpo leveraging its experience as an experienced energy provider.

Exploring ways to reduce cost

Work will start with feasibility studies to cut operational costs and lower carbon footprint. Synergies found through this will enable the standardization, modularization, efficient and flexible production of green hydrogen. Green hydrogen uptake has been hampered due to production costs. Six times more expensive today than grey hydrogen to create and between two to three times more expensive than hybrid “blue” hydrogen, which are created using fossil fuels as an energy source.

This project shows a concerted effort from ABB to explore opportunities and solutions to create a resilient hydrogen ecosystem for a low carbon future. ABB is also working with Lhyfe to implement control solutions to automate the production of the first green hydrogen project in France.

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