Development of carbon-free energy storage tech for data centers

Development of carbon-free energy storage tech for data centers


United StatesLummus Technology and Energy Internet Corp. (EIC) will partner in developing technology to store and generate electricity for the data center sector utilizing compressed or liquefied air.

The technology will allow long-duration energy storage using renewable electricity that can be inconsistent and unpredictable. The agreement is part of Green Circle, Lummus’ new business entity.

Lummus’ Green Circle scope

According to the terms of the deal, Lummus’ Green Circle will be EIC’s sole process technology and engineering partner, offering studies, engineering, equipment modules, and technical services. Lummus launched Green Circle as a commercial entity to provide sustainable solutions such as transforming plastic waste into value-added products, producing chemicals and fuels from biomass, and decarbonizing refinery and petrochemical assets.

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