Lhyfe holds groundbreaking ceremony for green hydrogen plant in Germany


Germany – Lhyfe is set to mark a milestone in Germany’s sustainable energy landscape with the groundbreaking ceremony for its hydrogen production plant in Brake (Unterweser).

Positioned in the harbor area of Niedersachsen Ports (NPorts), this venture represents a crucial step towards establishing a robust hydrogen infrastructure in the northern German region, catering to both industrial and transportation sectors. The plant aims to produce 1,150 tonnes of green hydrogen annually, utilizing an installed electrolysis capacity of 10 MW.

Lhyfe’s venture aligns with Lower Saxony’s ambitious plans for a nationwide hydrogen infrastructure, contributing to Germany’s larger green energy transition. The port of Brake provides an ideal setting for the construction of green hydrogen plants, emphasizing the strategic significance of the location.

Harnessing wind and PV

The hydrogen production plant relies on advanced electrolysis technology powered by electricity sourced from wind and photovoltaic plants across Germany. Corporate Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) ensure a stable supply of renewable energy. The plant’s operation is set to meet the growing local demand for clean hydrogen and further establishes green hydrogen as a key player in the energy transition.

Photo: Lhyfe/ Andreas Burmann