New hydrogen plant development in Italy

New hydrogen plant development in Italy


Italy Renewable and Storage Development Business Unit (RSD BU) of Mytilineos and Maire Tecnimont’s subsidiary NextChem propose to develop technical activities for the deployment of a green hydrogen plant via electrolysis in Italy.

Under the agreement, the RSD BU will leverage NextChem’s and Maire
Tecnimont Group’s know-how and engineering expertise in hydrogen
technologies to grow in the hydrogen business.

The initiative intends to give local off-takers with a carbon-neutral energy carrier alternative that could allow for successful decarbonization, particularly in hard-to-abate industrial sectors, by converting renewable energy from one of Mytilineos’ solar plants into green hydrogen, which will be followed by other plants.

The development of the plant’s capacity for the green hydrogen production is of top priority, both for Italy and for the European Union, to contribute to the European goals of carbon neutrality and accelerate the energy transition in civil and industrial sectors.

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