INEOS hires Atkins for design of Scottish low carbon hydrogen plant


United Kingdom – Atkins, a company affiliated with the SNC Lavalin Group, was given a contract by INEOS to construct a large-scale, low-carbon hydrogen plant for its location in Grangemouth, Scotland.

In addition to other large investments at its site in Grangemouth, the new hydrogen plant, scheduled for operation in 2030, will allow INEOS to cut more than 1 million tonnes of carbon emissions from its operations, which have been improving since it purchased the property in 2005.

Access to CCS infrastructure

Access to the Scottish Cluster’s carbon capture and storage (CCS) infrastructure will be essential to INEOS’ Hydrogen project. Directly offshore, in rock formations buried deep beneath the North Sea, the CO2 from the hydrogen plant will be transported in order to be permanently and safely stored.

The company is also actively involved in the Forth Green Freeport bid, which if successful will support the early development of our hydrogen production facility and our ambitions to achieve greater than 60% carbon reduction by 2030 on the way to our net zero commitment by 2045. In addition to the Scottish Cluster.

Wim Raaijen
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