Vopak gets ready for import of green ammonia in The Netherlands


The Netherlands – Vopak is currently setting up the Vlissingen terminal for the storage of green ammonia.

This can be done by preparing two existing chilled LPG storage tanks, each with a 55,000 cbm capacity. There are available berths, pipelines, and other infrastructure. Additionally, there is room for additions and additional industrial tasks, such as a facility to turn ammonia back into green hydrogen. The facility will be linked to the hydrogen supply network for Northwest Europe, which can serve the Netherlands, Belgium, and Germany.

Strategically situated at the North Sea Port in the Scheldt-Delta area is Vopak Terminal Vlissingen. The largest hydrogen cluster in the Benelux is currently formed by the businesses in that area, unified under Smart Delta Resources. Additionally, the Dutch portion accounts for over a fifth of the country’s industrial CO2 emissions. Here, sustainability can significantly aid in meeting the Dutch climate goals.

Hydrogen carrier

In order to meet all future demand, large-scale imports of green hydrogen will be required from Northwestern Europe in addition to the Netherlands, where green hydrogen is currently produced. This will involve a significant contribution from green ammonia as a hydrogen transporter. Green hydrogen may be transported and stored in vast quantities safely and securely as green ammonia by reacting with nitrogen to produce green ammonia, which can then be transformed back into green hydrogen. Green ammonia can also be utilized directly as a CO2-free fuel for transportation or as a starting point for fertilizer manufacture.

The market’s interest will be taken into consideration while making the ultimate investment decision, among other things.