H2U and Vopak partner on H2-Hub Gladstone green hydrogen project


Australia – Queensland is taking a momentous stride towards becoming a clean energy powerhouse with the H2-Hub Gladstone project. The Hydrogen Utility (H2U) and Vopak Terminals Australia (Vopak) have joined forces to create one of the world’s most advanced green hydrogen and green ammonia developments in Gladstone, Queensland.

This innovative multi-billion project aims to harness renewable energy sources, turning sewage biogas into sustainable feed for graphene and hydrogen production.

H2-Hub Gladstone is set to be Queensland’s largest green hydrogen and green ammonia development. The ambitious project plans to establish 3 GW in planned electrolyser capacity and over 1.7 million tonnes per year of green ammonia production. The collaboration between H2U and Vopak will focus on the Export Terminal of H2-Hub Gladstone, aiming to propel the region into a global leader in green energy production.

The heart of this green revolution lies in Levidian’s LOOP100 system, which will be installed at United Utilities’ Manchester Bioresources Centre. The technology not only decarbonizes biogas but also produces valuable resources like hydrogen and graphene.

Circular economy principles

H2-Hub Gladstone represents a significant step towards a sustainable future. By utilizing sewage biogas to produce green hydrogen and green ammonia, the project can contribute to reducing carbon footprints and promoting circular economy principles. The establishment of a green hydrogen value chain can also unlock new possibilities for various industries, including power generation and shipping sectors. Moreover, the project’s capacity for 1.7 million tonnes of green ammonia production can create export opportunities and strengthen Queensland’s position in the global market.