Graforce’s methane pyrolysis plant to transform hydrogen production


Austria – Graforce’s methane pyrolysis plant is poised to enter the startup and commissioning phase at RAG Austria AG, with operations scheduled until May 2024.

This technology, known as plasmalysis, holds the promise of transforming methane into hydrogen and high-quality carbon black, signaling a paradigm shift in the clean energy landscape. The primary goal of Graforce’s methane pyrolysis plant is to usher in a new era of hydrogen production. During the startup and commissioning phase, rigorous loop checks and performance tests will be conducted, ensuring the seamless conversion of methane to hydrogen while simultaneously yielding valuable carbon black. This dual-output approach aligns with the growing demand for both clean hydrogen and sustainable carbon by-products.


At the heart of Graforce’s venture is plasmalysis, a cutting-edge technology that employs plasma to break down methane into its constituent elements. This process, unlike traditional methods, does not generate carbon dioxide as a by-product. Instead, it produces high-purity hydrogen suitable for a range of applications, from industrial processes to fuel cell-powered vehicles. The concurrent generation of high-quality carbon black further enhances the environmental credentials of this innovative technology.

The startup and commissioning phase represent the initial steps toward a hydrogen-powered future, where clean energy and environmental stewardship converge.

Wim Raaijen
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