Dutch-German funding call for green hydrogen and green chemistry


The Netherlands/Germany – Authorities in the Netherlands and Germany are seeking applications for research projects including electrochemical components and procedures for green chemistry and hydrogen production.

The new funding call “Electrochemical Materials and Processes for Green Hydrogen and Green Chemistry” is being released by the Federal Ministries of Education and Research and Economics and Climate Protection (ECCM). German and Dutch funding will be granted in the amount of five million euros each, and it is anticipated that five to fifteen collaborative initiatives will be launched as a result.

In order to produce highly creative and useful solutions and methods for green hydrogen and green chemistry, the collaboration projects between German and Dutch partners will integrate the competences of both nations. Partners from research through industry to end users should be included in the project ideas along the full innovation chain.


The Netherlands and Germany both aim to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050. The production of hydrogen by electrolysis, hydrogen storage, P2X technologies, downstream processes for the creation of energy carriers and “green” chemicals, electro-synthesis, electrochemical conversion, material and process engineering for the aforementioned processes, design and manufacturing processes for technologies for green hydrogen, as well as system design and system integration, are the subjects on which researchers can submit drafts.

Only initiatives that are deemed extremely promising and deserving of funding on the German and Dutch sides may receive funding. They must show a proven increase in value over solely national programs and foster partner cooperation. The project sponsors in the Netherlands (NWO) and Germany keep an eye on the projects (PtJ).

Wim Raaijen
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