The Netherlands provides €785M subsidy for eight hydrogen projects


The Netherlands – With a €785 million subsidy for eight massive hydrogen facilities, the Netherlands is expected to increase its output of green hydrogen.

There are eight Dutch projects that have been chosen and are qualified for funding to produce green hydrogen on a significant scale. Electrolysers in the smallest projects range in size from 100 MW to 850 MW. The eight projects have been chosen as being of relevance to Europe.

Rotterdam is home to half of the large-scale generation initiatives. Air Liquide and Vattenvall are collaborating on a 200 MW electrolyser at CurtHyl. As part of the H2-Fifty project, BP and HyCC want to set up a 250 MW hydrogen production in the port region. The main venture in the Rotterdam port region, called Hydrogen to Maasvlakte by Uniper, has a 500 MW capacity, and Shell plans to put a 200 MW electrolyser as part of the Holland Hydrogen 1 initiative.

The ELYgatot project from Air Liquide has been chosen for Terneuzen. This relates to a 200 MW producing facility. Rsted and Yara are collaborating in Sluiskil on the 100 MW Haddock project. Within the H2ermes collaboration, HyCC and Tata Steel want to construct a 100 MW electrolyser close to Amsterdam.

Plans for Eemshaven in Groningen, where Engie plans to build an 850 MW electrolyser as part of the HyNetherlands project, are for the largest hydrogen plant in the Netherlands. A total of 783.5 million euros will be provided as funding for the Dutch projects.

Financing European hydrogen

The companies had from September 1 through September 14, via a tender, to register with the Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO) for the second round of the IPCEI Hydrogen: Hydrogen production via electrolysis. RVO makes distribution decisions based on input from a panel of impartial specialists. Thirteen weeks are allotted for the assessment period, with the possibility of an additional thirteen weeks if necessary. Prior to the year’s conclusion, it is desired to be able to reveal the final choice.

The €783.5 million are a portion of a broader, more than €5 billion European financing package for hydrogen projects all over the continent. It is anticipated that the investments will bring in an additional €7 billion in private funding. Of the 35 initiatives around Europe, financing for 8 has been secured by the Netherlands.