Collaborative effort paves way for hydrogen in maritime industry


France – A consortium of industry leaders, including GTT, TotalEnergies, LMG Marin, and Bureau Veritas, has achieved a milestone with securing two crucial approvals for transporting liquefied hydrogen (LH2) via specially designed ships.

The primary objective of the Joint Development Project is to pioneer a viable solution for the maritime transportation of large volumes of hydrogen in liquefied form. By achieving approvals for a cryogenic membrane containment system for LH2 and the preliminary design of a 150,000 m3 Large-Scale LH2 Carrier, the consortium aims to address the technological challenges associated with establishing a reliable and efficient hydrogen supply chain. This endeavor aligns with the broader goal of facilitating an energy transition towards a carbon-free future.


Central to the project is the design and development of a membrane containment system capable of storing and transporting liquefied hydrogen at ultra-low temperatures (-253°C). This innovative technology, coupled with the design specifications for the LH2 carrier vessel, represents a significant advancement in the field of maritime hydrogen transport. Each partner in the collaboration has contributed specialized expertise, ranging from design codes and risk assessment to vessel design and regulatory compliance, underscoring the collective effort to drive technological innovation in the hydrogen industry.

By enabling the maritime transport of LH2 on a large scale, the consortium aims to facilitate the widespread adoption of hydrogen as a clean energy carrier.