Battolyser to build green hydrogen factory in Port of Rotterdam


The Netherlands – To fulfill the rising need for green hydrogen and electricity storage, the Port of Rotterdam will host the construction of the first large-scale Battolyser factory in the world.

The M4H region, an industrial sector in the center of Rotterdam, will house the 1 GW per year Battolyser facility. The 14,000 m2 production location will cost roughly €100 million to create, including brand-new office and laboratory space. When fully operational, it will need 700 people to be employed directly and up to four times that many people to be employed indirectly through supply chain partners.

The Netherlands and Germany currently consume the most hydrogen in Europe. Both have ideas for green hydrogen on a giga scale that will be used at or pass by the port of Rotterdam.

Investment decision

The plant, which will open in the second half of 2024, will serve as the headquarters and R&D facility for Battolyser Systems. The ultimate investment choice, which will involve both private and public investments to compete globally, is expected next year.

When energy costs are low, a Battolyser may generate electricity for the grid and manufacture hydrogen from solar and wind energy. It can reduce grid congestion, allow for the expansion of more solar and wind energy projects, and provide the most affordable green hydrogen.

Wim Raaijen
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