Andritz and Koppö Energia unite for Finland’s green hydrogen project


Finland – Koppö Energia, a Finnish energy venture, has tapped Andritz to lead the charge in designing a groundbreaking large-scale green hydrogen production plant.

This development marks a pivotal moment in Andritz’s aspiration to become a foremost industrial collaborator for pioneering green hydrogen projects on a global scale.

The monumental project is set to unfold in Kristinestad, Finland, as an integral facet of a Power-to-X initiative. With a staggering capacity of 200 MW, the plant is poised to reshape the energy landscape in the region. Koppö Energia, a collaboration between renowned asset manager Prime Capital and CPC Finland, is steering this ambitious endeavor. The venture is fueled by a commitment to harness the power of green hydrogen in propelling the clean energy transition forward.

Andritz’s role encompasses the comprehensive design of the hydrogen plant, encompassing the cutting-edge alkaline electrolyzer technology provided by HydrogenPro. This holistic approach sets the stage for the forthcoming phases, as the joint venture anticipates initiating the Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) phase for the green hydrogen production plant at the dawn of 2024.

Renewable power as driving force

The green hydrogen production in Kristinestad will rely on renewable energy sources, primarily wind power. The larger Koppö Energy Cluster is set to harness up to 500 MW of wind energy and an additional 100 MW of photovoltaic power. This monumental undertaking will channel electricity to the green hydrogen plant, creating a synergy between renewable sources and hydrogen production.

The significance of green hydrogen extends far beyond Finland’s borders. Its potential to serve as a nearly carbon-neutral energy carrier positions it as a linchpin in addressing climate change. The ambitious vision for Kristinestad’s green hydrogen production involves transforming it into sustainable liquefied synthetic methane (SLSM), propelling eco-friendly fueling solutions for heavy transport.