SSE green hydrogen projects get UK govt funding


United Kingdom – UK Government has chosen two pioneering green hydrogen projects developed by SSE to advance to the final stage of its Net Zero Hydrogen Fund.

One of the selected projects, the Aldbrough Hydrogen Pathfinder, emerges as a potential game-changer. Nestled within SSE Thermal’s existing gas storage site in East Yorkshire, this initiative seeks to demonstrate the intricate interplay between renewable hydrogen production, storage, and power generation. The core objective of the project is to showcase the viability of flexible hydrogen power in the UK’s ambitious journey towards net zero emissions.

With an anticipated operational timeline by the mid-decade, Aldbrough Hydrogen Pathfinder is poised to wield significant influence. The project’s approach, revolving around a 35MW electrolyzer and a converted salt cavern for hydrogen storage, promises to deliver flexible green power when the grid experiences high supply. This green power would be harnessed through Renewable Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) and then utilized in a 100% hydrogen-fired open-cycle gas turbine. The result? A seamless export of flexible green power back to the grid during times of heightened system demand.

Gordonbush Hydrogen

The second project in the spotlight is the Gordonbush Hydrogen endeavor. Nestled within SSE Renewables’ Gordonbush onshore wind farm in Sutherland, this project stands as a testament to the symbiotic relationship between renewable energy production and green hydrogen generation. The proposal involves producing and delivering green hydrogen through electrolysis, utilizing the renewable energy harnessed by the wind farm.

This project’s significance is twofold: not only does it showcase the potential of co-locating green hydrogen production at existing renewable energy sites, but it also presents an opportunity to enhance renewable energy output. By co-opting the renewable energy generated by the wind farm, Gordonbush Hydrogen exemplifies the ability to simultaneously amplify renewable energy growth and facilitate the much-needed decarbonization of sectors that have traditionally been hard to abate.

Driving hydrogen economy

Catherine Raw further emphasized the pivotal role that projects like Aldbrough Hydrogen Pathfinder and Gordonbush Hydrogen play in the grand scheme of achieving a thriving hydrogen economy. As the UK endeavors to achieve net zero emissions, the timely development of hydrogen projects is essential. The Net Zero Hydrogen Fund, by supporting these ventures, aims to accelerate progress in this direction.

The selection of SSE’s green hydrogen projects marks a pivotal juncture in the UK’s journey towards a net zero future. Aldbrough Hydrogen Pathfinder’s innovative approach to flexible hydrogen power and Gordonbush Hydrogen’s co-located green hydrogen production exemplify the potential of sustainable energy solutions. As these projects progress, they hold the promise of reshaping the energy landscape and propelling the UK further along its path to a greener, more sustainable future.