Aker Clean Hydrogen accelerates hydrogen development in Norway


Norway Aker Clean Hydrogen has made a private placement investment in Meraker Hydrogen, resulting in a 20% stake in the company.

The initiative aims to expedite the development of green hydrogen production in Mid-Norway while also decarbonizing local transportation and industry.

Producing green hydrogen

Using local renewable energy sources, the company plans to develop a facility capable of producing up to 10 tons of green hydrogen per day, which is comparable to 23 MW of installed electrolyzer capacity. Production is scheduled to begin in early 2024. The production plant will be built in Kopperå in Meråker municipality, in the immediate vicinity of the railway and the European route E14.

Aker Clean Hydrogen owns 22 percent of Greenstat, which owns 25 percent of Meraker Hydrogen along with NTE Energi (25 percent) and Gen2 Energy (10 percent). The remaining shares are held by local investors, including Merker municipality.

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