How Batteries and Virtual Power Plants add value to European Industries and enable a faster Energy Transition

Speaker: Jeroen Verbeeck

Batteries are the corner stone of the energy transition. The intermittent character of wind/solar makes the job harder for the transmission grid operators to balance the electricity grid.

In the old days adjusting gas power plants offered flexibility but already today Centrica Business Solutions supports the grid operators in keeping the grid balanced with a clean carbon neutral solution: a Virtual Power Plant of large batteries and industrial flexibility. For example, in Belgium FCR (R1) is taken over by the VPP of Centrica and is now also conquering also the aFRR (R2) market with its innovative solutions.

Industrial Players such Nippon Gases, LafargeHolcim, Sappi, Foamglas play a vital role in this VPP.

Batteries and Industrial flexibility are complementary, batteries are the fastest technology to balance the grid and offer the lion share of the activations while industrials take over the activations when the activations take too long avoiding the batteries would be depleted. Centrica’s knowhow is based on a 10-year in-depth technical expertise in aggregating industrial flexibility and batteries.  Moreover by its savvy approach in stacking revenue streams in a battery project, Centrica succeeds in leveraging the return of investments on a battery project.

Centrica demonstrates each day that clean technology is economically viable.

Learn more in this session on how Batteries and VPP’s can leverage industrial flexibility and speed up the Energy Transition.


Jan Willem de Jong, Commercial Director – iwell

Olivier Van Mullem, CEO – MULTIOBUS