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Electro Trail Europe (Electe23) is a tour of various innovative industrial electrification and electrochemistry projects in Europe. While vlogging and blogging, via internet sites and social media the travelers take an interested group of people on their quest.

Initiators Industrielinqs (Wim Raaijen), Voltachem (Reinier Grimbergen), winners of the Electe23 competition and possibly also young professionals from partners.

As much as possible with electric transport, so train, EV and maybe an electric bus.

Two weeks in June 2023.

The itinerary will be determined partly by partners and partly by the organization including content not to be missed stops.

For impressions of Electe23’s predecessor Hyte22, visit and LinkedIn. Or watch the vlogs that the Hyte22 travelers made at Iberdrola in Puertollano (Spain) and at Resilient Group (Barcelona) & University of Tarragona.

Become a partner?
You can participate in Electe23 in three ways:
Option a) You co-determine the route, organize a stop, for example.
Option b) You provide an assignment, for example a question to solve.
Option c) You send along a young professional.

A partnership costs 2,925 euros (choosing one of the options). Combinations are also possible. If you would like to enter as a partner in two ways, for example you organize a stop and send along a young professional, this combined partnership costs 4,875 euros.

Branded content on or in Industrielinqs Magazine. Branded content costs 1,950 euros.

Interested, questions or special wishes? Just contact us.
Janet Robben / / 06 38 73 70 39

Founding Partners

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