Schneider Electric and ArcelorMittal work on low-carbon steel

Sustainable energy

France – ArcelorMittal and Schneider Electric are partnering to create sustainable electrical enclosures. ArcelorMittal will supply Schneider Electric with XCarb recycled and renewably produced steel for its new PanelSeT SFN floor-standing enclosures.

The partnership is a result of several months of technical collaboration between the two companies and aligns with Schneider Electric’s net-zero commitment roadmap. The primary goal of the partnership is to reduce the environmental impact of Schneider Electric’s electrical enclosures by using XCarb recycled and renewably produced steel. This steel has a significantly lower carbon footprint than traditional steel, and it is also coated with Magnelis, a metallic coating that offers high corrosion protection.


XCarb recycled and renewably produced steel is made using a very high proportion of recycled steel in an electric arc furnace, powered with 100% renewable electricity. This results in CO₂ emissions which are close to 70% lower than the same product made without XCarb recycled and renewably produced steel.

The use of XCarb recycled and renewably produced steel in Schneider Electric’s enclosures could have a significant impact on the environment. The company estimates that the use of this steel will reduce the carbon footprint of its enclosures by up to 80%.

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