Port of Rotterdam to track transportation-related emissions

Sustainable energy

The Netherlands – The Port of Rotterdam Authority is collaborating with BigMile to create a digital platform to track transportation-related emissions in the port.

Data from the Automatic Identification System (AIS), which tracks all vessel movements, is combined with a TNO calculation model to produce a precise estimate of transportation sector emissions.

The platform can also provide information about emissions at a specific business location, and it should be able to provide companies with more information about carbon and other emission levels across their entire transportation chain. The emission platform is assisting the Port Authority and the business community in making decisions on their way to becoming a carbon-neutral port.

So far, this has only concerned a pilot project in Rotterdam to calculate seagoing and inland vessel movements. At a later time, road and rail transportation will be added. In order to clarify transport emissions from door to door, the goal for the next six months is to include emissions from supply chains en route to and leaving the port of Rotterdam. In the second half of 2022, the digital platform and knowledge gained will be shared with shipping companies and terminals.

Avoiding pollution

The platform is already proving useful in terms of providing insight into things like vessel emission levels while berthed at the quay, which is useful information for developing shore power projects. When a vessel arrives at the quay, it turns off its generator and connects to shore power. The BigMile platform can show how much pollution is avoided by using shore power.

The Port Authority is working on a number of projects to make industry and logistics more sustainable, ranging from determining optimal connections via the most environmentally friendly mode of transportation to producing alternative fuels in Rotterdam and promoting quick and efficient port call handling.

The Port of Rotterdam Authority is a step closer to using sound data to manage this reduction strategy with BigMile. BigMile has created a calculation and analysis platform to assist shippers and logistics service providers in optimizing and reporting on multimodal transportation-related carbon emissions. The SaaS platform, which has over 200 users, allows shippers and logistics service providers to comply with upcoming carbon reporting requirements and carbon taxes.