Falkor and Liquid Wind to develop eMethanol in France

Sustainable energy

France Falkor has joined Liquid Wind as a minority equity investor and co-development partner for eMethanol facilities in France and Southern Europe.

Liquid Wind develops commercial-scale facilities for the production of carbon neutral fuel, eMethanol. Together with its consortium partners, Alfa Laval, Carbon Clean, Haldor Topsoe and Siemens Energy, Liquid Wind is developing a standardized and modular facility model. They will use the latest digitalization technology for the efficient replication of eMethanol facilities.

Liquid Wind will license the facility model and intellectual property to a select group of partners who will build eMethanol plants in their own communities. This will offer the corporation with a new cash stream while also increasing the supply of carbon-neutral fuel.

Reducing carbon emissions

Each standardized facility will combine biogenic CO2 emissions with green hydrogen to produce 50,000 tonnes of eMethanol per year while avoiding the release of 100,000 tonnes of fresh CO2. eMethanol, a liquid fuel, is an excellent choice for carbon-neutral shipping. eMethanol cuts maritime carbon emissions by 94 percent when it replaces fossil-based marine fuels.

Falkor is now seeking a site and supplier of biogenic carbon dioxide for the first eMethanol facility in France. Liquid Wind is in discussions with other potential co-development partners for other regions.