World’s first electric aerial delivery drones for offshore wind farms


Singapore – Marco Polo Marine and F-drones have agreed to collaborate on the development of the world’s first large-scale, electric aerial delivery drones for offshore wind farms.

Co-developed delivery drones are expected to save more than 90% of current delivery costs while also being four times as fast as current methods, which primarily use boats and helicopters. Drones customized for use in Asia-Pacific will be co-developed by the two companies to transport supplies and essential items to offshore wind installations. With Marco Polo Marine’s expertise in the offshore wind sector, F-drones will provide its advanced drone technology expertise, while Marco Polo Marine will provide strong technical operating and commercial capabilities in the sector.

Environmental benefit

An environmental benefit of using drones in the offshore maritime industry is that they can reduce fuel consumption when delivering packages of up to 100 kilograms and emergency deliveries to vessels. In comparison to using a supply boat or a Crew Transfer Vessel (CTV) to transport 100kg to offshore wind farms over a distance of 100km, using drones will reduce CO2e emissions by up to 99 percent.