RoxWind wind farm in Maine enters operation


United StatesRoxWind, a 15.3-MW wind farm built by Greenbacker Renewable Energy Company, is now operational.

The RoxWind project’s wind energy will help diversify the region’s energy resources, producing nearly 50,300 megawatt-hours of clean energy per year, enough to power about 4,500 homes.

Greenbacker’s largest sustainable infrastructure asset in Maine is the wind farm. Its four turbines are also the largest in the company’s fleet, both in terms of capacity and length, demonstrating a trend in wind power technology. RoxWind’s turbines have a rotor diameter of 137 meters and can produce over 3.8 MW of wind power.

RoxWind was developed by Palmer Capital and is set to open in 2020. Through long-term offtake agreements, it now generates renewable energy for four investment-grade municipal utilities.