Dutch project investigates wind farm impacts on ecosystems


The Netherlands – SSE Renewables is collaborating with Microsoft and Avanade to understand the impacts of the wind farm on the surrounding ecosystem off the Dutch coast as part of its Hollandse Kust (west) tender submission.

SSE Renewables is taking part in the Hollandse Kust (west) tenders, which are focusing on how innovation can aid in the deployment of offshore wind farms in order to meet the Dutch government’s ambitious targets.

The organizations are attending the Conference on Wind Energy and Wildlife Impacts in Egmond aan Zee to present their innovations, which include trials conducted on a smaller scale, such as monitoring puffins and salmon in Scotland.

Testing technologies

Within a North Sea aquarium, SSE Renewables, Microsoft, and Avanade have also been testing the use of technologies such as LIDAR, Sonar, and hydrophones. These trials yielded very promising results for practical applications such as species recognition, abundance monitoring, and distribution analysis.

Dennis Breugelmans, SSE Renewables’ Project Director of International Markets, said: “By conducting large-scale research into the effects of wind farms on the surrounding ecosystems, and by making the vast quantities of data available in a public platform we can facilitate research and collaboration in a simple way.”