DTP acquires Hornsea Two offshore wind farm transmission assets


United Kingdom – Breesea Limited, Soundmark Wind Limited, and Sonningmay Wind Limited, in collaboration with Ørsted and AXA IM Alts and Crédit Agricole Assurances, have announced the sale of their transmission assets to Diamond Transmission Partners Hornsea Two Limited (DTP).

This milestone agreement, valued at GBP 1.141 billion, marks a major step towards the continued growth of offshore wind power in the UK.

The divestment aligns with the Offshore Transmission Owner (OFTO) regime, a framework set up by Ofgem, the UK’s energy regulator, to stimulate private investment in offshore transmission infrastructure. Under this regime, competitive tenders are conducted to select preferred bidders for offshore transmission licenses. DTP emerged as the preferred bidder for the Hornsea 2 Offshore Wind Farm transmission license following a rigorous competitive tender process in September 2022.

DTP is a partnership between Diamond Transmission Corporation Limited and HICL Infrastructure PLC. The joint venture brings together expertise from both entities, enabling efficient management and operation of the acquired transmission assets. This partnership signifies a collective commitment to accelerating the transition to renewable energy sources and advancing the UK’s offshore wind industry.

Hornsea Two Offshore Wind Farm

Situated approximately 90 km off the Yorkshire coast in the North Sea, the Hornsea Two Offshore Wind Farm is a flagship project in the UK’s renewable energy landscape. The wind farm comprises 165 Siemens Gamesa 8 MW wind turbines, boasting a total capacity of 1,320 MW. Such a colossal capacity translates into the ability to power over 1.4 million British homes with clean and sustainable electricity.

The acquisition of the transmission assets by DTP marks a significant step towards achieving the UK’s ambitious renewable energy targets. By providing a robust and efficient transmission infrastructure, DTP ensures the seamless transfer of wind-generated electricity from the offshore wind farm to the national grid. This not only reinforces the stability of the grid but also strengthens the nation’s energy security.