UK’s first hydrogen transport hub kick-started by £3M investment


United Kingdom – The UK’s first ever hydrogen transport hub is one step closer to becoming a fact, with the announcement of an official “master plan” and £3 million in government funds.

The transport hub, which is being developed in Tees Valley, will bring together leading figures from government, business, and academics to concentrate science, training, and trials across all forms of transportation as we rebuild greener after the pandemic.

5,000 new jobs

The center will be fully operating by 2025, assisting in the long-term creation of up to 5,000 new jobs in the north-east as we begin to level the economy.

The creation of the hub would also help us recognize the role hydrogen has in achieving 2050 net-zero goals by developing real-world hydrogen transport pilots, which will educate potential investment decisions and prime export opportunities.

Emission-free services

In pop-up experiments, stores, restaurants, internet retailers, warehouse owners, and logistics firms could use hydrogen-powered vehicles to drive merchandise and make last-mile deliveries. Local transportation providers may also collaborate with the transportation research and development (R&D) sector to provide emission-free hydrogen passenger services, such as on-demand regional buses or zero-emission refuse vehicles.

The masterplan established by the Department of Transport spells out a vision for the hub as well as a blueprint for the infrastructure needed to achieve the vision. The hub’s facilities also provide an R&D campus for information development and sharing. This will allow the hydrogen transport hub to serve as a living laboratory for understanding the importance of hydrogen in the energy transition in the transportation field.

Wim Raaijen
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