Subsea7, EnBW explore offshore wind-powered hydrogen production

Hydrogen Renewables

United Kingdom/Germany – Subsea7 has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with EnBW to conduct a comprehensive study on offshore wind-powered hydrogen generation.

This innovative collaboration seeks to investigate several ideas—from pilot to commercial scale facilities—and assess the technical and financial aspects of green offshore hydrogen generation.

EnBW will concentrate on wind farm design and optimization within the research and offer priceless operational and maintenance knowledge to ensure a comprehensive assessment of the project’s technical and financial viability.

On the other side, Subsea7 will lead research into important fields including flow assurance, subsea electrical and flowline infrastructure, and integration of the hydrogen production system on independent platforms or the foundations of wind turbine generators (WTG).


In order to build a workable business model, the collaboration between these two industry experts will also involve undertaking economic evaluations. They want to identify the levelized cost of hydrogen and investigate the technological and financial possibilities of various offshore hydrogen production technologies by calculating the development and operational expenses.

The objectives of this collaboration reach far beyond academic inquiry. The project has a lot of potential for the energy transition because it makes use of offshore wind power and electrolysis to create hydrogen. A viable road to decarbonization is provided by offshore wind-powered hydrogen production, which uses renewable energy sources to produce hydrogen with no carbon emissions. The creation of workable solutions will aid in meeting climate goals and promoting a green economy.

Seismic impact

A successful hydrogen production system fuelled by offshore wind energy might have a seismic impact. It would enable the fusion of these two exciting technologies and help the hydrogen business expand while bolstering the offshore wind industry. Offshore wind farms and hydrogen production can work together to produce an ecosystem of renewable energy that aids in the world’s energy transition.

The results of the investigation being conducted by Subsea7 and EnBW will influence how offshore wind-powered hydrogen generation develops in the future. A sustainable, low-carbon energy solution might be unlocked with their combined expertise and commitment.