Snam and Confindustria forge path with hydrogen and CCS in Italy

CCUS Hydrogen

Italy – Snam, in collaboration with Confindustria, is embarking on a market test for hydrogen demand and expressions of interest for CO2 transport and storage, bolstering the country’s commitment to decarbonization.

The partnership between Snam and Confindustria underscores the urgency and pragmatism required in achieving decarbonization goals amidst evolving energy landscapes. By focusing on hydrogen demand and CO2 transport and storage, Italy aims to bridge environmental sustainability with industrial stability, fostering competitiveness and supply chain security.

To meet European targets, collaboration among energy industry stakeholders is paramount. The initiatives led by Snam and Confindustria emphasize the need for synergy to address the multifaceted challenges posed by decarbonization. By leveraging investments in research and technology, Italy seeks to advance its energy transition agenda while fulfilling decarbonization, competitiveness, and supply chain security objectives.

Data-driven insights

The hydrogen market test and expressions of interest for CO2 transport and storage are not only about gathering data but about shaping informed decisions. By collecting technical and economic insights, stakeholders can assess the current state of hydrogen consumption and production, aligning market dynamics with national and European decarbonization targets. Similarly, the collection of expressions of interest for CO2 transport and storage will inform the Ravenna CCS project, optimizing its development and CO2 transport solutions.

As the activities progress until April 5th, the journey from data collection to actionable insights will unfold. The results, anticipated in the third quarter of 2024, will provide a comprehensive understanding of Italy’s hydrogen demand and CO2 transport and storage landscape.