Ohmium and Aquastill producing green hydrogen with desalination tech


The Netherlands/United States – Ohmium International has entered into a strategic collaboration with Aquastill to leverage Aquastill’s desalination capabilities to enhance green hydrogen production by utilizing desalinated seawater.

By integrating modular desalination units with Ohmium’s advanced Proton Exchange Membrane (PEM) electrolyzers, the collaboration opens new decarbonization opportunities, providing a more efficient, sustainable, and affordable pathway to clean energy generation.

The collaboration between Ohmium and Aquastill holds the promise of expanding green hydrogen production into new sectors and geographies. By harnessing Aquastill’s membrane distillation technology to extract green hydrogen from seawater, businesses operating in coastal or rural regions can now embark on affordable and sustainable decarbonization initiatives. This innovative integration of desalination modules paves the way for co-locating PEM electrolyzers with offshore wind farms, enabling on-site green hydrogen production and fostering local energy independence.

System efficiency

Aquastill’s membrane distillation technology harnesses the residual heat from Ohmium’s electrolyzers, creating a symbiotic relationship that enhances the overall efficiency of the system. The membrane distillation process also provides valuable cooling capabilities to the electrolyzer, resulting in an optimized energy exchange. Unlike other energy-intensive desalination methods, Aquastill’s waste heat membrane-based distillation process has minimal energy requirements, making it an environmentally friendly and cost-effective solution for producing clean water.

The collaboration capitalizes on the modular and compact design of Aquastill’s desalination modules, ensuring their easy transportability to locations where clean water is needed. This modularity allows for flexibility in deploying the integrated system, facilitating its implementation in various coastal regions. With Ohmium’s PEM electrolyzers and Aquastill’s membrane distillation technology working in harmony, the collaborative solution offers a versatile and scalable approach to green hydrogen production.


The Ohmium and Aquastill collaboration represents a significant step toward accelerating the global energy transition. By enabling cost-competitive green hydrogen production from seawater, the partnership supports the decarbonization efforts of companies operating in coastal regions. The utilization of sustainable desalination techniques in conjunction with advanced electrolyzers aligns with the goals of achieving carbon neutrality, reducing reliance on fossil fuels, and fostering a cleaner and more sustainable future.

By leveraging desalinated seawater and waste heat, this partnership offers a viable and sustainable pathway to decarbonize coastal regions and expand the adoption of green hydrogen across industries.