ODE FEED for ERM Dolphyn project in UK


United Kingdom – Offshore Design Engineering (ODE) has been chosen by ERM Dolphyn to provide topside FEED support to the commercial demonstration phase of the ERM Dolphyn (Deepwater Offshore Local HYdrogeN) project.

The ERM Dolphyn project aims to produce green hydrogen on a large scale by utilizing moored floating substructures, each of which houses an offshore wind turbine and localized hydrogen production facilities, producing hydrogen from seawater using offshore wind as a source of energy. The hydrogen produced by ERM Dolphyn is carbon-free at the point of use.

As part of the Net Zero Innovation Portfolio Low Carbon Hydrogen Supply 2 Competition, the project recently received additional funding for its demonstration phase from the UK Government’s Department of Business, Energy, and Industrial Strategy (BEIS).


ODE is in charge of FEED engineering for the topside equipment, export pipeline, and facility design during this phase of development. By summer 2025, the FEED support provided by ODE and its consortium members, including Tractabel and Vestas, will make it easier to build and operate a 10MW ERM Dolphyn demonstration unit in UK waters.

Photo: ERM Dolphyn