Novel production technique produces hydrogen and carbon

Novel production technique produces hydrogen and carbon


Norway Hynion and Greenlogix have agreed to launch a joint venture to market a novel production technique that produces hydrogen for Hynion’s hydrogen filling stations, as well as economically appealing solid-state carbon as a secondary product line.

The goal is to maintain a consistent flow of hydrogen and carbon to meet the growing need for clean fuel and novel materials for high-tech buildings. Both partners have tested the technology concepts with promising results and are now preparing to develop a pilot plant to validate the technology in a real-world setting, in which a Greenlogix manufacturing unit will be linked with a Hynion next-generation hydrogen station. The precise site in Scandinavia will be revealed later.

The pilot plant will produce enough hydrogen to power a modest truck fleet or a taxi fleet of up to 200 vehicles. Furthermore, it will manufacture solid-state carbon with high-demand properties in new high-tech applications. To accommodate rising demand, the capacity may be extended in a modular fashion.