New suite of solutions for green hydrogen production from wind and solar


France – GO.H2TM by T.EN, a full suite of carbon-free solutions for green hydrogen production, has been launched by Technip Energies and its affiliates Kanfa and Inocean.

This suite of solutions, which are based on renewable energy sources like wind and solar, is adaptable, with building blocks that can be customized to meet the needs of clients based on substructures, hydrogen products and derivatives produced, functionality, and location.

The offshore facility can be a floater or a fixed structure. A seawater desalination unit produces green hydrogen, which is then electrolyzed and transported to shore via a transport pipeline or offloaded on a carrier vessel.

Power supply

A spar or a semi-submersible substructure can be used in harsher environments. The hydrogen is converted by adding ammonia or a Liquid Organic Hydrogen Carrier (LOHC) unit and transferred to a floating storage and offloading vessel for high capacities and further away from shore. The facility ensures a stable and continuous power supply for electrified oil and gas facilities powered by wind turbines by adding hydrogen storage and fuel cells. The systems can be mounted on the floating offshore wind substructure or the substation for smaller capacities.

Intermittency management is addressed from the beginning of the design process, with appropriate system architecture and technology bricks, as well as power and hydrogen storage and control strategies. An energy management system (EMS) allows for online production optimization through predictive control models in operations.