Ballard and Quantron team up for development of hydrogen fuel cell tech


Germany Ballard and QUANTRON’s collaboration is expected to speed the deployment and commercial adoption of fuel cell technologies.

The combined, complementary expertise of Ballard and QUANTRON offers greater customer access to zero-emission fuel cell electric trucks without sacrificing range, payload, vehicle usage, or total cost of ownership.

Ballard’s FCmove line of heavy-duty fuel cell power modules will be integrated into QUANTRON’s electric powertrain and vehicles as the initial partnership. A 7.5t delivery truck, a 44t heavy duty truck, and a municipal garbage collection vehicle are among the fuel cell electric truck platforms now in development.

The first fuel cell electric trucks are expected to be deployed in the second half of 2022. Various government subsidies and incentives will be available to vehicle fleet operators across Europe. Germany, in particular, has lately committed to subsidizing up to 80% of the expenses of converting from internal combustion engines to alternative drives under the e-mobility support program.

Heavy-duty vehicles have the greatest influence on emissions and air pollution in cities of any vehicle. Many European governments’ hydrogen programs now recognize the vital significance of hydrogen and fuel cell technology in decarbonizing this sector. The use of hydrogen and fuel cell technologies is crucial to the industry’s overall decarbonization strategy. The QUANTRON-Ballard collaboration will take advantage of the synergies between battery electric and fuel cell electric powertrains to enable greener, faster, and more cost-effective transportation decarbonization.