Making existing factories more sustainable

Of course, the transition calls for completely new production methods, but the zero-emission factories will not be there overnight. Solutions are therefore also needed to give existing plants in the chemical, steel and fertilizer sectors a smaller footprint. One example is SEWGS, a technique developed by TNO to separate residual gases and capture CO2. A potential linchpin in the transition of the industry.

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Hanson UK a step closer to CCS at Padeswood

United Kingdom – As part of the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy’s (BEIS) Phase 2 Carbon Capture and Storage Cluster Sequencing process, Hanson Padeswood Cement Works in Flintshire has been shortlisted for funding.

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France to increase renewables production

France – Around 20% of France’s electricity comes from renewable sources, with 8% coming from wind energy, but more is needed if the country is to both meet its climate goals and strengthen its energy security.

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