Value Chain innovation driving carbon reduction and performance improvement

Tangible results in carbon reduction and plant performance improvement can only be achieved if all parties in the value chain work closely together. A paradigm shift in the way how to approach plant modernization is needed if climate and business targets are to be met in time.

Project 6-25 provides a new and integrated approach for plant owners that is based on close cooperation and partnerships between parties throughout the whole Value Chain.

Project 6-25 delivers a portfolio of innovative, yet proven, technologies for improving energy efficiency, carbon reduction and flexibilization together support in feasibility studies, busines case development, implementation and (off-balance) financing propositions.

This is the key to overcome the often-named barriers such as the lack of capacity, capex, expertise and evidence.

In this session we’ll explain you the key element of Project 6-25 together with practical examples of technologies that will help you to reduce cost and carbon emissions and improve performance and reliability.

Used cases we will demonstrate are:

Emerson Process Management B.V.

  • EMIS at Saudi Aramco Abqaiq Plant by Emerson Process Management B.V.

Energy savings of 22 million of dollars (and still counting) is one of the achievements of implementation of an Artificial Intelligence based Energy Management Information System at Saudi Aramco Abqaiq Plant.

Main driver was a directive from the Kingdom to optimize the utilization of energy to support economic growth. The translation for Saudi Aramco was to

  1. Reduce energy cost
  2. Identify the root cause of energy overconsumption immediately and accurately
  3. Empower resources with expert knowledge online
  4. Automatic adjustments of targets according to plant conditions and operating modes through Dynamic Targeting.
  5. Optimal settings for 7 plants considering process constraints and current performance of units/equipment

With implementing an Emerson PlantWeb™ Analytics based EMIS, Saudi Aramco gets continuous insight in optimal Energy savings through 7 plantwide KPI’s, 350 sub-KPI’s; 7 root cause drill down models support rooting back to over 100 root causes, supporting energy savings and operation efficiency; 13 energy and production optimization models.

Final key to success is that the EMIS does not only support energy savings, but also increased production performance through an easy slice-and-dice interface which provides visibility to senior management down to operator level for faster and informed decisions to take the right action!

All-in-all implementing an Emerson PlantWeb™ Analytics EMIS will reduce CO2 and increase overall production performance and profitability!

Bronswerk Heat Transfer B.V.

  1. The re-use of waste-heat with Mechanical Vapor Recompression (MVR) heat pump technology

Our customer was planning a new ammonium sulfate crystallization plant. Waste heat was available from the nearby Caprolactam plant. Waste heat from this plant needed to be upgraded to a usable temperature by using Mechanical Vapor Recompression (MVR) heat pump technology. Our customers are able to reduce the required amount of fossil fuels when using the mechanical vapor recompression principle.

  • The installation and integration of a full scale industrial heat pump at a paper mill

The innovative concept upgrades industrial waste heat to higher temperatures so it can be reused in the process. The temperature of most industrial waste heat is too low to be reused. Therefore, heat pumps raise the temperature to higher usable levels. Paper mills can reduce 10% off their total CO2 emission by implementing the industrial heat pump technology.