First Baltic Eagle monopile complete

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Germany – Off the coast of Germany, work on the first monopile of the Baltic Eagle offshore wind farm has completed.

The pile has a diameter of 9 meters and weighs 1,363 tons. It is the second wind farm built by Iberdrola in the German Baltic Sea, after Baltic Eagle.

2023 installation

Each of the 50 monopiles will be made at the EEW mega-factory in Rostock with diameters between 8.75 and 9 meters, lengths between 75 and 90 meters, and maximum foundation weight of 1,402 tonnes. All monopiles will be manufactured by August 2022 and then coated by November 2022. The foundations will be float transported to the installation site from spring 2023.

The Baltic Eagle is located off the coast of Pomerania, 30 kilometres northeast of Rügen Island. Renewable energy from this new 476-megawatt (MW) installation will be used by 475,00 households.