Towards electrification in industry

Electrification is a key option for decarbonization of industrial processes. However, current economic conditions and regulatory framework limit the large-scale deployment of electrification technologies. At the same time further development of renewable electricity supply relies strongly on the volume and flexibility of future demand, also in industry. To overcome a stagnation in the process of electrification the coalition Wind meets Industry is founded.

Both sectors, electricity and industry, have requested a roadmap for electrification in Dutch industry as an action under the national climate agreement. TKI Energy and Industry is in the lead for the roadmap for which the first steps have been made. The roadmap will describe technology pathways, key challenges and possible solutions, and it will pinpoint decision points and actions on the road to strong electrification in Dutch industry.

Follow us on the journey towards electrification in the Dutch industry during two side events at EIES!

Towards electrification in industry – industry cluster perspective

TKI Energy and Industry coordinates the development of the roadmap for electrification in Dutch industry. The organization works together with knowledge partners TNO and DNV GL. In this session TKI Energy and Industry highlights the importance of the roadmap and DNV GL gives a system perspective on electrification of a large industry cluster. Representatives from industry, electricity sector and the industry cluster in the Northern Netherlands talk about the importance of electrification and possible show-stoppers.

Hydrogen production via electrolysis is one of the key electrification technologies. In the second half of this session the Institute for Sustainable Process Technology (ISPT) sheds light on the development of large-scale green hydrogen production in the Netherlands, which includes the Northern region. The base design for GW-scale electrolyzer plants is discussed, along with regional insights what is needed to realize such facilities. Industry representatives and a Wind meets Industry partner give their view on scaling up and bringing down cost of this technology.

In this session: Rob Kreiter, Jillis Raadschelders, Cas König, Eveline Otten, Ron Wit, Carol Xiao, Marieke Visser