The challenge of producing green hydrogen for the industry

Near the Atlantic Ocean in France, Lhyfe is building the first green hydrogen production plant in France, directly connected to wind turbines. The plant will be operational next year May and will deliver green hydrogen to several public transportation operators but also to industry in the region.

In this break out session, we will discuss, based on real praxis experience and numbers / facts:

  • The current price of green hydrogen and the sensitivity of the different cost drivers
  • Possible roadmap how the different cost drivers might evolve
  • The challenges of relying on renewable energy only
  • Technical and cost challenges in committing daily delivery of green hydrogen
  • Technology choices we take
  • How subsidies might drive the price of hydrogen

Beside onshore hydrogen production plants, we will discuss our plans with regard to developing offshore hydrogen production using wind energy produced on the Sea.

Lhyfe was founded in 2017 in Nantes France and is after starting the business in France rapidly expanding all over Europe. Lhyfe is a hydrogen pure player. We are producer of green hydrogen. Our scope includes project development, project financing, plant design and full EPC, operation and maintenance and long-term owner ship. The hydrogen we produce is made from splitting water (electrolysis) and using renewable energy (if possible, directly connected), therefore the product we deliver is certified green hydrogen.