World’s first commercial emission-free high-speed catamaran in Sweden

Sustainable energy

SwedenEchandia, based in Stockholm, has agreed to provide the world’s first emission-free high-speed catamaran with an integrated battery and hydrogen-based fuel cell technology.

Green City Ferries is the client, and the ferry will be used for commercial traffic in Stockholm. Echandia will get around SEK 14 million for the installation, which will take place in the autumn of 2022.

Echandia is a global leader in the development of sophisticated battery and fuel cell technologies for marine electrification. The arrangement is for the Beluga24 type, which was designed in New Zealand by Teknicraft and produced in carbon fiber by Green City Ferries north of Stockholm. Echandia’s integrated battery and fuel cell systems’ excellent energy efficiency necessitates less hydrogen, which saves a lot of weight, and the battery section is substantially lighter than rival solutions.

When it comes to public transportation in Stockholm, the fleet of vessels accounts for approximately 5% of energy consumption but almost 50% of annual carbon dioxide emissions (according to Btplan Stockholm 2025). Green City Ferries’ purpose is to transition cities around the world to emission-free, speedy waterborne transportation. This will begin in Stockholm, with backing from Klimatklivet and the EU. Green City Ferries will seek extra external funding before beginning the final stages of manufacturing.