Wärtsilä supports new climate-smart vessel

Sustainable energy

Finland – Wärtsilä will provide technical management for a wide range of solutions installed on Viking Line’s new climate-smart vessel Viking Glory, under a three-year contract.

This week, Viking Glory sets sail for the first time on a commercial voyage. It includes a number of cutting-edge technologies aimed at reducing climate change and pollution. Six LNG-powered Wärtsilä 31DF engines, two LNGPac fuel gas supply systems, and three tunnel thrusters are included in the new agreement.

The Technical Management Agreement (TMA) covers maintenance planning and on-demand remote operational and technical support for the Wärtsilä equipment listed above. Wärtsilä Expert Insight is also included, which provides unrivaled visibility into engine health, allowing for advanced diagnostics and real-time performance and emissions optimization.

Wärtsilä Lifecycle Agreements

Wärtsilä’s support for Viking Glory complements its long-term Optimised Maintenance Agreement for engines and other Wärtsilä equipment on Viking Grace, a similarly environmentally friendly vessel that was launched ten years ago. Viking Glory will use 10% less fuel than Viking Grace because of the advanced technologies installed. Viking Grace is smaller, with a length of 218 meters rather than 222 meters and a beam of 32 meters rather than 35 meters.

Wärtsilä’s Lifecycle Agreements include optimized maintenance and technical management agreements, which help customers secure cost-effective and emissions-compliant operations throughout the lifecycle of their vessels. The vessel also has a Wärtsilä Aquarius UV ballast water management system, as well as a Nacos Platinum navigation system and a dynamic positioning system.

From March 2022, the Viking Glory will sail between Turku, Finland, and Stockholm, Sweden.