Vopak and Port of Antwerp-Bruges to redevelop Gunvor site sustainably

Sustainable energy

Belgium – The shares of Gunvor Petroleum Antwerp are being purchased by Dutch tank storage business Vopak from commodity trader Gunvor, providing it access to the Gunvor concession in the Antwerp port area.

Vopak is dedicated to redeveloping the area sustainably. For instance, the business will concentrate on combined research and execution to support renewable energy with the Port of Antwerp-Bruges. This is another another critical step in the direction of a climate-neutral economy.

The property is approximately 105 hectares in size and has pipeline connections to Northwest Europe in addition to deep-sea, river, road, and rail access. Propylene, ethylene, CO2, and hydrogen are among the substances that can be transported via the nearby and future pipelines.

Green energy center

With the primary goal of positively influencing the decarbonization of the industrial cluster on the Antwerp port platform, Vopak will restructure the concession. When necessary, authorities and professionals both inside and outside the company will be closely involved in the soil remediation process. In addition, the Port of Antwerp-Bruges and Vopak will keep working on structuring their shared strategic goal of developing a new green energy hub.