Technip Energies’ equipment for INEOS’ ethane cracker in Belgium

Sustainable energy

Belgium – Technip Energies has been awarded a contract for between €250 million and €500 million to supply unique equipment for INEOS Olefins’ 1,450 kta ethane cracker in Antwerp, Belgium.

Technip Energies’ most recent technological advancements were used in the design of the Project ONE cracker, which has a CO2 footprint that is less than half that of the top 10% of European crackers. In addition to the facility being prepared for carbon capture, the furnaces are modularized and made to burn high hydrogen fuel and transition to 100% hydrogen firing in the future.

Project ONE goal

The construction of an ethane cracker is the goal of INEOS’ Project ONE, an investment in the Antwerp chemical industry. The many billion-euro investment represents the biggest in European chemistry in more than 20 years. The cutting-edge factory will produce ethylene, one of the most extensively used base chemicals globally and a crucial component in the manufacture of a variety of goods.

Considering that construction will take about 4 years, the anticipated year for operation is 2026.