Shell’s Accelerate to Zero programme drives fleet decarbonization

Sustainable energy

United Kingdom – Shell Fleet Solutions has officially launched its Accelerate to Zero program, which will help fleets achieve their sustainability goals.

It brings together a variety of Shell’s decarbonization solutions as well as like-minded partners to address one of the most pressing challenges fleets face this decade.

The four-step Accelerate to Zero program assists fleet and mobility managers in determining and understanding their current carbon footprint, evaluating decarbonization options, and developing a roadmap for reducing on-road emissions to zero and, eventually, net-zero.

Shell will support fleets with the transition to decarbonization through the program, which will help them balance costs, lower total cost of ownership, and explore new mobility solutions. The program relies on data integration to help companies move away from using multiple disparate channels to track fleet information and toward a single, holistic view of their operations that highlights key areas for improvement.

Four phases

Shell Fleet Solutions experts work through the Accelerate to Zero program’s four key phases. Diagnose – Working with customers to integrate and analyze their fleet data so that clear decarbonization goals can be established. Build – Providing expert advice on vehicle and supply chain optimization in order to develop a solid plan tailored to our customer’s needs. Deploy – Delivering fit-for-purpose solutions in 50 markets around the world, leveraging Shell’s unique capabilities in telematics, electric mobility, carbon offset, and mobile fueling; and Realize – Continue to track and monitor results in order to achieve zero and then net-zero emissions as planned.

The Accelerate to Zero program is now available to Shell fleet customers in key European markets, with a global rollout planned for 2023.