Photo: Shell

Shell, Lufthansa Group work on sustainable aviation fuel supply

Sustainable energy

Germany – In a non-binding Memorandum of Understanding (MoU), Shell International Petroleum and Deutsche Lufthansa agreed to explore the possibility of Shell providing Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) to Lufthansa for seven years at airports around the world beginning in 2024.

In order to reach a definitive purchase agreement, the parties intend to negotiate a total volume supply of up to 594 million gallons (1.8 million metric tonnes). If a final agreement is reached, it will be Shell’s largest SAF commitment to date and one of the most significant commercial partnerships for SAF in the aviation industry.

Using SAF

The potential SAF to be supplied by Shell is to be produced by up to four different approved technology pathways and a wide range of sustainable feedstocks, in contrast to most SAF supply arrangements where the fuel is produced from only one technology.

The MoU helps the Lufthansa Group advance the availability, market ramp-up, and use of SAF as a key component of its sustainability strategy as well as Shell’s goal of having at least 10% of its global aviation fuel sales be SAF by 2030. The Lufthansa Group is one of the airlines that allows its customers to report their emission reductions by an audited certificate, and it is already the largest buyer of SAF in Europe.