Repurposing gas wells for geothermal energy

Sustainable energy

United KingdomThird Energy UK is investigating the possibility of repurposing non-producing gas wells for geothermal energy alongside renewable energy producer CeraPhi Energy.

Third has enlisted the help of CeraPhi Energy’s expertise and patented technology to investigate the viability and financial possibilities of repurposing wells at its sites in north Yorkshire.

A game changer

According to both firms, the findings could be game changers for geothermal’s role in the energy transition, as well as a game changer for the UK onshore oil and gas sector’s late life and orphaned’ wells. Under the new head of terms signed with Third, feasibility and conceptual studies for reusing the wells will begin next month, with an initial focus on the MN4, KM3, and KM8 wells in the Vale of Pickering.

Using CeraPhiWell

The CeraPhi team will focus on assessing the wells’ development potential for its patented technology CeraPhiWell, a closed loop dowhole heat exchanger that sucks up subsurface heat for use in a variety of scalable baseload energy applications.

CeraPhiWell is central to CeraPhi’s strategy to de-risk geothermal energy scale-up by utilizing end-of-life and non-producing oil and gas wells and demonstrating the “huge commercial potential” for geothermal energy production in order to achieve the 500GW of additional geothermal energy in the next 30 years in accordance with the Paris 2050 Climate Accord for carbon reduction.

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