Replacing fossil carbon with renewable carbon

Sustainable energy

Germany – The demand for embedded carbon, the carbon present in molecules, is projected to increase significantly to 1.15 Gt of carbon per year by 2050.

However, this demand must be met by renewable carbon sources to achieve a fully defossilised economy. To address this need, the Renewable Materials Conference will take place from 23-25 May 2023, in Siegburg/Cologne, Germany, bringing together over 500 participants, including global leaders in industry, science, and politics, to discuss the future of renewable materials and create a more sustainable world.

Organised by nova-Institute and sponsored by Covestro, the event features 80 presentations, 20 panel discussions, and several expert workshops that will explore innovative solutions based on biomass, CO2, and recycling. The conference will also provide a platform for attendees to engage in productive discussions, forge new partnerships, and gain valuable insights into the current state of renewable materials.

With a focus on replacing crude oil and natural gas with renewable carbon within the existing structures of the chemical industry, the event will explore new processes, building blocks, and materials that enable the production of sustainable products in areas such as textiles, cosmetics, packaging, and biodegradable materials. Moreover, innovative brand owners are looking for solutions that will become mainstream in the near future, and with the innovation award “Renewable Material of the Year 2023”, the most promising solutions that contribute to replacing fossil carbon from the ground will be recognised.

Fossil-free sustainable solutions

The conference will also feature a matchmaking area, long lunch breaks, and three evening meeting points, which guarantee comprehensive and effective networking. Additionally, the event will showcase over 40 top-class exhibitors at the conference center “Rhein Sieg Forum” in Siegburg, near Bonn and Cologne, which is easily accessible by high-speed train from Brussels or Frankfurt, for example.

The innovation award is sponsored by Covestro (DE), Platinum Sponsor is UPM Biochemicals (FI), and other sponsors include Alfa Laval (SE), CovationBio (US), GS Biotech (CN), iff (US), NESTE (FI), Sappi (NL/ZA), TUEV Austria (AT), Sugar Energy (CN), BASF (DE), DIN CERTCO (DE), FKuR (DE), GEA (DE), Heraeus (DE), Sulzer (CH), and Borealis (AT) as the conference beer-on-tap sponsor.

The demand for fossil-free sustainable material solutions with a low carbon footprint is rapidly growing, and the Renewable Materials Conference provides an opportunity for experts and leaders to advance the production of renewable materials. By focusing on collaborative efforts and knowledge-sharing, participants can create a more sustainable world and unlock the potential of renewable carbon sources.