German ADVA launches sustainable supplier program

Sustainable energy

Germany As part of its ongoing commitment to drastically reduce greenhouse gas emissions, ADVA announced the launch of its sustainable supplier program.

The initiative extends ADVA’s holistic sustainability strategy upstream in its supply chain and is an important step toward the company’s production processes becoming carbon neutral. The program, which was launched in collaboration with ADVA’s finance platform partner Traxpay, involves ADVA offering financial incentives to its suppliers who meet strict environmental impact criteria.

The scheme also strengthens ADVA’s supply chain at a time when the company is facing unprecedented logistical challenges, such as material shortages and the global semiconductor crisis.

ADVA’s sustainable supplier program is one of the company’s commitments based on the most ambitious goal of the COP26 Glasgow Climate Pact: limiting global temperature rise to 1.5°C above pre-industrial levels. The company was one of the first telecommunications technology suppliers to have Science Based Targets Initiative (SBTi) targets approved, and the criteria for its new supplier program align with ADVA’s own sustainability goals.

Customers then check these, including regular assessments with the TIA Assessor tool and EcoVadis ratings. ADVA will use IntegrityNext software to assess suppliers’ sustainability efforts. ADVA will also collaborate with its partner NORD/LB, which will provide additional liquidity for the program to ensure financial security.

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