Finnish Wärtsilä to become carbon neutral by 2030

Sustainable energy

Finland Wärtsilä, a technology company, has announced its “Set for 30” climate commitment.

By 2030, Wärtsilä wants to be carbon neutral in its own operations and have a product line that is ready to use zero-carbon fuels, according to the company. Including R&D and factory engine testing areas as well as purchased energy, Wärtsilä’s carbon neutrality aim encompasses all of the company’s direct greenhouse gas emissions.

As a result of this analysis, Wärtsilä’s decarbonization roadmap identifies critical strategies for achieving the company’s carbon neutrality goal. Tools include energy savings, green power purchases and switching fuels as well as more efficient technologies and emissions offsets for those that are difficult to reduce. A comprehensive implementation strategy, including a timetable, is now in development.

Product line ready for zero-carbon fuels

The company’s product portfolio and preparation for zero-carbon fuels by 2030 make up the second major climate goal. Fossil fuels are still used in the energy and maritime industries. There are many carbon neutral fuel options available to customers today, such as biofuels and synthetic methane, thanks to Wärtsilä’s current product line-up. The switch from carbon-intensive fossil fuels to carbon-neutral or carbon-free alternatives will occur over time, rather than all at once. Wärtsilä helps its customers make the shift to more sustainable fuels by offering solutions that make those fuels available in the future.

Wärtsilä will begin a significant test program in 2021 using hydrogen and ammonia fuels to find carbon-free alternatives. To help the energy and marine sectors develop sustainable and efficient future fuel strategies, Wärtsilä uses a fuel agnostic approach.

On January 1, 2021, Wärtsilä amended its sustainability aims with an emphasis on two long-term themes: promoting safety, diversity and well-being while also being an active and responsible member of society, in addition to becoming carbon neutral. As a result of the promises made today, the carbon neutrality goals have been modified.

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