Enel X and ASMEL support Italian energy transition

Sustainable energy

Italy Enel X and ASMEL, the Association for Subsidiarity and Modernization of Local Authorities, have signed an agreement to support energy transition.

The goals of the partnership are to promote initiatives among local authorities for the creation and management of energy communities, the energy upgrading of public and private buildings, public lighting and the spread of electric mobility across Italy.

“Thanks to the agreement with ASMEL, we are giving a decisive boost to the transition of Italian municipalities towards smarter and more sustainable urban models,” said Augusto Raggi, Head of Enel X Italia.

Sustainable growth

The initiatives will be implemented in support of the sustainable growth of Italian municipalities. The training and spread of energy communities, with particular focus on the management of energy consumption from renewable sources; the upgrading and energy efficiency of public and private buildings, with the installation of new photovoltaic systems or the optimization of existing ones; the modernization of the lighting systems of monuments, historical buildings and national heritage sites of artistic and architectural interest.

Training courses will be launched for local authority administrators and employees with experts from the Enel X e-mobility team and the industry, to make the authorities aware of the adoption of technological solutions that encourage the spread of electric mobility.