Dutch developing methanol as low-carbon shipping fuel

Sustainable energy

The NetherlandsOne of the consortium led by Fugro is receiving funding from the Netherlands’ Rijksdienst voor Ondernemend Nederland (Netherlands Enterprise Agency) for the development of methanol as an environmentally friendly shipping fuel, which is a step toward emission-free Dutch shipping.

As part of the consortium, which includes 22 companies, from shipbuilders and designers to geospatial data specialists Fugro, the partners come from the full spectrum of the Dutch maritime industry.

The Fugro Pioneer survey vessel’s engine will be safely converted to run emission-free on methanol by the beginning of 2023, thanks to Fugro’s leadership role in the consortium. Engine and energy management technology, ship design, and safety procedures will all benefit from Fugro’s involvement in this new emission-free fuel.

The majority of ships are still powered by fossil fuels, making it difficult to achieve emission-free shipping. Only a few short- and medium-term alternatives to marine diesel exist for CO2 emission reductions in the maritime sector, despite numerous options. It’s best to use methanol for a large-scale introduction.